Home Theater

Theatre Design

A quality Home Theater can be designed to fit almost any area. There’s no need to find the perfect ‘rectangle’.
Angles, windows, vaulted ceilings, odd shapes, it can all work.

As with a standard rectangular space, proper theater design is critical. Speakers, sound panels, screen type, projector, and even building materials must be matched to the space.
…the room is an integral component of every theater and no two are the same.

oRat designs, then prepares concept drawings for every project. Everything from lighting to multi tiered seating is shown in detail.

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Bellino Theater

Crystal Lake Theater

Serberger Theater

Naperville Theater

Rachid Theater

Geneva Theater


Glen Ellyn Theater


Saint Charles Theater

Foote Theater

Hinsdale Theater

Theatre Installation

Upon approval of the Concept, oRat prepares a set of construction drawings. Construction can be completed by our team of skilled trades on time and on budget. oRat will also work with qualified trades recommended and trusted by the homeowner. Either way, oRat will be there thru the entire process insuring the end result is a perfect theater.

theatre installation 1

theatre installation 2

theatre installation 3

theatre installation 4